Bakers Refuse to Make Paleo Cake for CrossFit Wedding

PORTLAND–– David Jenkins and Stephanie Webb, avid CrossFit and health enthusiasts, were recently denied service at a Portland cake shop after requesting a “paleo” wedding cake.

Jenkins and Webb planned to marry in the early spring, but were informed by the owners of SweetBakes LLC. that the store’s policy was to deny service to customers who wished to order baked goods that adhere to the standards of a paleo lifestyle.

“We believe in traditional baking,” said Linda Peterson, co-owner of SweetBakes cake shop. “They can make cakes with almond flour and honey in the privacy of their own home, but we shouldn’t be forced to help celebrate their disgusting paleo lifestyle.”

Rather than seeking out a bakery that might accommodate their personal beliefs, Jenkins and Webb hired a lawyer and contacted the ACLU. “We don’t just want the right to eat cakes made from obscure root powders and insect-derived sugars,” explained Jenkins in a statement to the press. “We want to use the justice system to punish anyone who doesn’t agree with our dietary choices.”

“Being denied service by SweetBakes was offensive and dehumanizing,” Webb told the Overheard Press. “Especially in the midst of arranging what should have been a joyful family celebration.”

The couple’s lawyer, Sandra Phillips, has filed a civil suit agains the bakery. “No one should fear being turned away from a public business because of who they are,” Philips said. “My clients should be allowed to walk into any bakery in the country and order a wedding cake made out of bacon, sawdust, or cricket powder, if that’s what they want. If the owners of SweetBakes don’t like it, they are guilty of discrimination.

In response to these allegations, Jenkins and Webb claimed they don’t discriminate against anyone. “We never discriminate against customers. We are happy to make them a normal cake, but we shouldn’t be forced to bake something that goes against our culinary values.”