Coach Correctly Recalls Deadlift 1RM of Member Whose Name Escapes Him

Local CrossFit coach, Josh McAlister, is known for his ability to recall his athlete’s personal records, despite and inability to recall their names.

McAlister, who has been coaching five hours per day, five days per week, for over three years, sees upwards of sixty clients per day. Despite his proficiency as a coach, McAlister has found himself unable to recall the simplest details of his member’s personal lives, including their names.

“Back when I first started coaching, I didn’t want to admit how bad I was with names.” McAlister explained. “I’d go to the whiteboard, look at a guy who’s name I couldn’t remember to save my life, and ask something like ‘hey, how do I spell your name again?'”

Inevitably, he’d respond with something like “J-O-E”, and I’d look like an idiot.

And yet McAlister has shown an incredible ability to remember his client’s personal records.

“Coach Josh always asks us to bring our training logs to class,” explained long-time client Stacey Compton. “Of course I don’t, but somehow he remembers my PR’s for workouts I don’t even remember doing.”

Other clients of McAlister’s shared similar experiences.

“Once I was working up to a heavy set of three on the front squat, and coach Josh comes over and says ‘85% of your previous three-rep max is 225, not 240.’ I couldn’t believe he remember such an obscure performance. I thanked him, and he says ‘no problem blue-shirt guy.'”