Woman Has ‘No Idea’ Why People Complain About Chest to Bar Pull-Ups

CrossFit enthusiast Tina Banks is speaking out against what she feels is an unfair treatment of the chest-to-bar pull-up. The 36-year-old athlete is on a campaign to let the other women in her gym know that the classic CrossFit movement is no challenge for her.

“Chest to bar pull-ups just aren’t that much harder than normal pull-ups,” Banks explained in an interview with the Overheard Press. Unfortunately, this is the only quote the Overheard Press was able to obtain from Mrs. Banks, as our on-scene reporter became “intensely distracted” and failed to take any more notes during the interview.

Other members of Banks’ gym insist she is fully aware of the anthropometric differences that lend to her advantage in certain movements.

“There are two big reasons that Tina doesn’t have trouble with chest-to-bar pull-ups,” said fellow athlete Trisha Kimball.

“She is always bragging about how easy it is to do push-ups, bench-press, float open water, and draw the attention of lecherous, older men. If I had an extra four-thousand dollars to spend, I could be good at those things too.”