Athlete Starts ‘Badass Chick’ Lifestyle Brand for Other Women Masking Low Self-Esteem

After spotting an untouched segment of the fitness apparel market, Shauna Long launched her unique lifestyle and fitness brand– Badass Chick.

Long, who once competed in the CrossFit Games Regionals, first began marketing herself as a CrossFit coach. After failing to qualify for regionals ever again, she transitioned to “lifestyle” coaching. This lasted until her marriage fell apart, at which point she rebranded herself as a self-rebranding specialist.

“After my divorce, I started looking for apparel that would help me market myself as confident, strong, and sexy, but also still bitter,” Long explained. “What I found was an opportunity.”

After her search, Long decided to start her own apparel company, and Badass Chick was born. The company sells t-shirts, hoodies, and coffee cups printed with saucy, self-absorbed phrases peppered with profanity.

“Our brand targets insecure women who want to build a fragile self-identity around exercise, but our brash, vulgar apparel allows them to overcompensate with style.”