Trainer Consistently Punts to ‘Ankle Mobility’ as Reason for Poor Squat

Andre Gill, owner of Combat Fitness Bootcamp, has once again identified a lack of “ankle mobility” as the source of his client’s squat troubles.

On Saturday, Lisa Boyd, a member of Gill’s bootcamp, attempted a set of unweighted squats. Unable to achieve anything close to proper depth, Gill stepped in to assess his client’s mechanics.

After repeatedly yelling “get lower!” failed to produce any improvement in Boyd’s range of motion, Gill decided that the problem was something more sinister.

“When someone’s squat doesn’t look right, but I can’t tell why, that’s my first indication that the problem is mobility,” Gill explained.

“It’s definitely your ankle mobility,” Gill declared loudly in front of the group of young women. “I’ll give you some mobility drills you can do at home to help improve that.”

Gill, a former amateur boxer turned fitness instructor, has been developing his eye for mobility problems since stumbling onto the blog of a popular stretching guru. But not all of his clients are happy about his fixation on flexibility.

“Andre has spent hours watching mobility videos on YouTube, but I don’t think he actually knows how to teach a squat. When someone isn’t moving right, he quickly gives up on coaching them and starts saying bizzare things about ‘flossing the psoas.'”