Local Man Enjoys Personal Training Despite Poor Results

After six months of working with a personal trainer, Hank Patterson feels “better than ever.”

After his doctor recommended regular exercise for his heart, 65-year-old Patterson signed up at his local YMCA. Given his choice of personal trainers to help him reach his goals, Patterson opted for 30-year-old Rosa Lopez.

“Of the available personal trainers, she seemed the most qualified,” Patterson said.

After meeting with Rosa three times a week for six months, Patterson expected some results. Instead, he found that Lopez repeated the same weekly cycle of exercises over and over, all of which involved sitting on a balance ball and moving light dumbbells around awkwardly.

But that hasn’t discouraged Patterson. Though his wife has serious concerns about Patterson’s new interest in fitness, he’s committed to his new lifestyle.

“I haven’t had a single measurable improvement to my fitness, but I couldn’t be happier,” Patterson explained. “She’s the breast…uh, best part of my day.”