Man Mistakes Used Athletic Cup for Elevation Training Mask

Glenn Cabot is recovering from an incident in which he tragically confused two pieces of common, yet vastly different training equipment.

After beginning CrossFit in earnest, the 28-year-old has been looking for ways to push himself harder in his training. Friends say they recall Cabot mentioning training masks, but also admit they frequently tune him out when he begins describing his latest CrossFit workouts.

Trouble began Tuesday morning, when investigators say Cabot approached a fellow gym-member, Matt Parker, and asked to borrow his mask.

“I told him it was fine because I had just cleaned it,” Parker explained. “I told him to go ahead and grab it out of my gym bag.”

Parker, an avid amateur Ice Hockey player, was not expecting Cabot to grab his athletic cup, which unfortunately shares an similar shape.

In an exclusive interview with the Overheard Press, Cabot’s mother explained that her son didn’t play sports growing up, largely because of “a deep fear of balls hitting his face.” Mrs. Cabot seemed oblivious to the tragic irony of her own words.

After recovering from the initial shock and embarrassment of being told by other gym-members what he was wearing, Cabot went home. He has since commented that he will no longer look for “gimmicky pieces of equipment” to help improve his fitness.