Dave Castro Accidentally PR’s Clean & Jerk During Live Open Announcement

SAO PAULO– After Thursday night’s dramatic reveal of 18.1, Dave Castro realized that his demonstration of the one-arm dumbbell clean and Jerk was a five pound increase on his personal record.

Sources with the CrossFit Games Staff say that after taking the floor, Castro immediately went “off script,” something the broadcast team is trained to watch for.

“When Dave gets frisky, you never know what you’re going to get,” said Rory McKernan, who was on the floor during the announcement. “When I saw him go for the Dumbbell, I held my breath.”

Though an accomplished deadlifter, Castro’s overhead strength remained unknown. Most witnesses, however, judged it to be insufficient for the task of taking a 50-pound dumbbell overhead.

One Brazilian gym owner claims to have heard a concerned Sam Briggs whisper “you’ve got this!” to Castro as he prepared to take the dumbbell overhead.

As Castro completed the lift, the massive crowd around him gave a collective sigh of relief.

“I never expected him to lift that dumbbell, especially not the men’s weight,” said Kristin Holte. “I mean, I know he’s the Director of the CrossFit Games, but I think of him as more of the swimming type.”