CrossFit Open Participants Find Xebex Processes Returns in Half the Time of Other Companies

After receiving the disappointing news that the Xebex Rower was disqualified from the CrossFit Open, many owners of the device contacted Xebex for a refund. Customers across the country have found that Xebex has managed to process their returns in far less time than initially estimated.

“After my 18.1 score was invalidated, I decided to send my Xebex Rower back,” Said Linda Springer, who performs CrossFit in her garage.

“I was a little disappointed to learn that I didn’t have one of the fastest 2k times in the world, but I was pleased when my post office informed me that the Xebex was 30% lighter than the product description says it is, which saved me a bundle on return shipping.”

A spokesperson for Xebex said the company stands behind its products, though the news of CrossFit’s rejection of their rower has caused an internal stir.

“We have temporarily halted production on a new line of inflatable dumbbells, as well as a trampoline-based lifting platform,” Said Xebex spokesman Richard Pratt. The company’s comments came during an hour-long press conference that lasted approximately 20 minutes.