Masters Athlete Officially Warmed Up By End of Workout

Gary Marsden, a 45-year-old CrossFit enthusiast, announced that he was “warmed up” after completing his gym’s workout of the day last Friday.

While the younger athletes in his gym seemed content with a warm-up consisting of 15 minutes of air-squats, jogging, and plyometrics, Marsden needed more.

“By the end of the warm-up, I was just starting to feel the dull ache I constantly experience in my joints subside to a manageable level,” Marsden explained. “At the end of WOD, a spicy 20-minute AMRAP, I felt like I was 39 again.”

Limber and primed for action, Marsden left the gym for work, where he would spend the next 8 hours sitting behind the computer at his desk.

Marsden, known as “Tinman” to fellow gym-goers, has no complaints about the fact that he doesn’t really get his body working until three-quarters of the way through most workouts. In fact, Marsden set a personal record on the clean during 18.2a, an accomplishment he credits to the 110 reps of Dumbbell squats and Bar-facing burpees he warmed-up with during 18.2.

“I’ll probably start doing 18.2 before all of my lifts,” He added. “One of the joys of aging is getting to pick between properly warming up and having no time to work out, or working out and inevitably hurting something.”