Experts Warn Attempting 18.3 Rx’d Worse Decision Than Buying a Hummer H2

As exercise enthusiasts across the country prepare to perform “18.3”, experts warn of the serious consequences of choosing to attempt the Open event as prescribed.

Craig Solomon, a professor of Behavioral Science at Harvard University, has spent the last few years researching bad decisions. Solomon is known for his work in analyzing and quantifying the poverty of individual decisions, creating what has become known as the “Solomon Index.”

After watching the live announcement of 18.3, Solomon concluded that the decision to attempt the event as prescribed would qualify as one of the worst decisions the average person could make, just below attempting DIY crafts from Pinterest and just above investing heavily in cryptocurrency.

“No one is that good at double-unders,” Solomon told the Overheard Press. “At best you will just embarrass yourself. At worst you will spend 14 minutes being lacerated by a speed rope, which could lead to significant blood loss and shock.”

To help the CrossFit community understand the seriousness of his warning, Solomon compared the choice to tackle 18.3 “Rx’d” as worse than the decision to buy one of the world’s most impractical vehicles.

“Both choices begin with the desire to appear macho and tough, but both almost always lead to bitter disappointment,” Solomon explained. “Unless you’re some sort of freakish hybrid between Buddy Lee and Dwayne Johnson, you’re going to want to scale this one.”