Trainer Quietly Adjusts Workout After Annihilating First Class of the Day

ATLANTA–– CrossFit Trainer Julia Jaeger miscalculated the demands of her gym’s Workout of the Day, leading to a subtle course correction after her 6 AM class.

Jaeger, a veteran trainer and accomplished athlete, has programmed workouts for her affiliate for years. “I try to design workouts that are designed to tax the abilities of my best clients, but I always have options ready to scale or the rest of the class,” Jaeger explained.

But over the weekend, Jaeger’s careful programming process was upset by a family emergency. Arriving at her gym at 5:30 Monday morning, she put together a workout on the spot.

“I decided on a triplet of 185 pound squats, 30 inch box jumps, and heavy prowler sprints,” Jaeger recalled.

The poorly designed triplet ravaged Jaeger’s usually spry 6 A.M. class. “We trusted her, and she lead us right into a trap,” said one member. “I’m done being a guinea pig. I’ll be at the lunch class from now on.”

As her early morning class hobbled to their cars, assisting one another like wounded soldiers leaving a battlefield, Jaeger made a slight “adjustment” to the workout, replacing the box-jumps with pull-ups.

“I’ve never seen so many bloodied shins from one workout,” said one witness. “She kept yelling at us like we were just being wimps, but I could see in her eyes that she felt sorry for us.”