CrossFit HQ Demands Video of Guy Who Got to Second Muscle Up on 18.3

As the Open comes to a close, CrossFit Games officials are scrutinizing the 18.3 performance of Carl Tuttle, a 29-year-old father of three and first time Open participant.

Each year, CrossFit requires the top athletes in every region to submit a video for review. These videos performances are checked for authenticity prior to sending out Regional invitations. Last night, CrossFit sent out an email asking for video evidence of 18.3 from Mr. Tuttle.

“Carl doesn’t have email, so they sent the request to us,” said Lynda Baker, owner of the affiliate where Tuttle is a member. “When we told him, he was confused and frustrated. He told us he had better things to do.”

Tuttle, who operates a professional tree trimming service, achieved his first muscle-up before the 14-minute cap. “I guess that Dave Castro just wants to make sure I’m legit,” Tuttle said, spitting tobacco juice on the ground. “Maybe they want me to turn my head and cough too.”

Ross Borger, a spokesperson for CrossFit, told the Overheard Press that it was “a celebratory post on his affiliate’s Facebook page” that tipped HQ off to the claim that Tuttle had achieved his first, and then second muscle-up during 18.3.

“We saw a lot of congratulations and excitement,” Borger explained. “It’s necessary for the integrity of the Sport of Fitness for us to investigate these types of claims.”

Despite his frustration, Tuttle agreed to submit a cellphone video that captured his first muscle-up.