Know The Signs of Rhabdo: Soreness, Swelling, Cola-Flavored Urine

Rhabdomyolysis (rhabdo) is a rare but serious health condition sometimes caused by working out at very high intensity. Under the right circumstances, a person’s muscles can experience more than they can handle, breaking down and sending more muscle fiber into the bloodstream than the kidneys can handle. The results can be fatal.

Experts suggest that anyone who engages in regular exercise be aware of the primary signs and symptoms of Rhabdo. “If you feel very sore after a workout, or experience extreme swelling in parts of your body, you might be in trouble” warns Dr. Sydney Wells.

Dr. Wells cautions that many of the risks of rhabdo can be offset by early detection. “The Hallmark symptom of rhabodo is dark, Coca-Cola flavored urine,” she explained. “Tasting your own urine, particularly at the first signs of soreness after a hard workout, is really the gold standard for diagnosis.”

Aside from high-intensity, other factors that are thought to increase the risk include such as dehydration, over-hydration, the use of NSAIDs, and recent viral or bacterial illness.

Fortunately, knowledge of the risk factors and symptoms of rhabdomyolysis can prevent the dangerous and sometimes fatal renal failure associated with the condition. Dr. Wells insists that athletes take responsibility for their own intensity levels during training, even when in large, competitive group settings.

“Competition, and intensity are great for fitness, but if you fail to listen to your own body, or fail to taste your own bodily fluids in a timely manner, you can put yourself in extreme risk.”