2014 Regional Athlete Surprised to Learn He’s Expected to Pay for Gym Membership

BOISE – Fitness enthusiast Brett Lundquist was shocked to learn Tuesday morning that CrossFit Moneytree owner James Sutherland was going to charge him real money if the former CrossFit Games Regional Qualifier were going to continue training at his gym.

Lundquist, who qualified once for the North West Regional on a team in 2014, was “dumbfounded” to learn that his performance several years ago at the competition, where he contributed as the second fittest member of a team that beat nearly 20% of the field, did not make him “more valuable” than other gym members, who each paid real American dollars for their affiliate’s services.

“I’ve been letting it him slide for a while” Sutherland said, who leaves his family behind at 4:30 am every morning to work 14 hour days as a small business owner. “I see him at 4 different local affiliates on Instagram, trying to avoid paying for a membership anywhere by taking advantage of longtime friends and dropping into various open gym times sporadically and unpredictably to do his own secret programming.”

“I just can’t believe they don’t see the value in having an athlete of my caliber around,” Lundquist said in an exclusive interview with the Overheard Press. “I’ve got almost 3,000 followers on Instagram who see me here, and I even let James use my 5% off sponsored athlete code for FitBeastSupplements.com.”

At press time Lundquist was off to visit a friend at a local screen-printing store to try and secure some free t-shirts that would advertise the local business to “everyone who looked up to him”.