‘Neck Tattoo’ Added as Prerequisite for Obtaining CrossFit Trainer Certification

In an emails sent to thousands of affiliates this week, CrossFit HQ announced a new requirement for trainers seeking to earn the CFCT (CF-L3) certification:

“Effective May 1st, 2018, all trainers seeking to obtain the CF-L3 certification will be required to have a sick neck tattoo. This means that anyone taking the L3 exam after April 30th, 2018 will be required to show proof of a neck tattoo prior to receiving the CFCT credential.”

The email went on to explain that some exceptions and exemptions would be considered by the CrossFit Training Department.

“CrossFit will consider the following options as alternative fulfillments of this requirement:

Option 1: A full sleeve with at least one “ironic piece” visible.
Option 2: A partial sleeve paired with a high-fade haircut and a beard (men) or undercut (women).
Option 3: A visible knuckle-tatoo or impractical facial piercing.

Please email testing@crossfit.com if you have further questions specific to your current ink and we will be happy to help.
Sincerely, CrossFit Training Department”

In an exclusive interview with The Overheard Press, Nicole Carroll, Director of Certification and Training, explained the new requirements.

“The Level 3 Certification is for trainers who want to demonstrate a higher level of coaching knowledge and ability,” Carroll explained. “A neck tattoo says, ‘I’m so committed to coaching CrossFit that I don’t even want to be hirable in another business setting.’ That’s the kind of trainer we are testing for.”

Carroll went on to say that there are no further changes planned for 2018, but she did hint that the company’s quota of having 40% of trainers sporting man-buns had been met.