Sam Briggs Shatters Both Femurs, Still Completes 5k Fun-Run

Without a doubt, Sam Briggs is one of the toughest athletes in the Sport of Fitness. But the four-time CrossFit Games competitor demonstrated an even greater level of mental fortitude after breaking both of her legs in a freak accident.

On Monday, Sam Briggs was participating in a 5k run for a charitable cause. While crossing a busy intersection, she was struck by a tractor trailer carrying 6 tons of chemical waste. The driver had run a red-light, and was traveling at approximately 60 miles per hour when he hit the 2013 Games Champion. Witnesses say the impact with Briggs sent the truck hurtling off-road, jackknifing the cab and pinning the driver inside. Briggs was forced to take a knee.

Briggs, a career firefighter, assisted first responders with the rescue efforts. Witnesses say that after the driver was safely removed from the wreckage, Briggs was advised to take an ambulance ride to a nearby emergency hospital. “Fragments of bone were visibly jutting from both of her thighs,” Recalls one bystander. “But when we told her the hospital was exactly 3.1 miles away, she started lacing up her shoes.”

Briggs proceeded to wrap her legs, and then after a brief warm-up of foam-rolling and POSE drills, she restarted the 3.1 mile run to the nearest emergency room.

“She’s a tough competitor.” Said Dave Castro, Director of the CrossFit Games. “We all respect her ability to push through injury, but this isn’t really something I would recommend.”

Despite two spiral fractures and significant blood loss, Briggs carefully maintained her target pace, crossing the threshold to the East Manchester Emergency room in under 19 minutes.

She sent a celebratory Tweet moments later: “First timed 5km run since my injury this morning in 18:59 now time for surgery!”

Briggs says her surgery went well, and her legs are recovering rapidly. It is even rumored that she re-tested some of the Master’s qualifier workouts from her hospital room, and is looking forward to dominating the division in the 2018 Reebok CrossFit Games.