Woman Constantly Drawing Attention to Her Body Disgusted by Unwanted Male Attention to Her Body

Alison Newberry is raising concerns about the culture of the gym she regularly trains in. The 26-year-old fitness enthusiast has noted how frequently she finds men in her gym staring at her, and is “disgusted” by what she perceives as their hyper-sexualization of the female body.

Newberry has bravely opened up about her experiences, posting her thoughts on social media. Her posts, which began on Monday, have received over a dozen positive responses.

In one tweet, Newberry defended her right to make a spectacle of herself without becoming a spectacle. “When I break into a half-naked, impromptu stretch session, I should be able to do so without feeling stares from the group of men I positioned myself in front of,” she wrote.

In another tweet posted early Tuesday morning, Newberry took an inspiring jab at the misogynistic culture of her gym. “Just because I’m spreading my butt in your direction does not mean I’m inviting you to notice.”

But not everyone agrees that Newberry’s experience of sexism is genuine. One member of Newberry’s gym, Sarah Tillman, says she isn’t buying it.

“She’s an exhibitionist, and her complaints are just designed to draw more attention to herself,” said one member. “If you pay attention, it’s not just the men staring at her, it’s everyone in the gym.”