Woman Doesn’t Want Husband to ‘Fix’ Squat, Just ‘Listen and Empathize’

GRAND RAPIDS– Andrea and Kevin Naselli have been doing CrossFit together for over two years, training in their garage with a group of friends. But recently, an attempt by Mr. Naselli to correct his wife’s squat mechanics erupted into a serious marital dispute.

On Tuesday, Mr. Naselli recalls his wife complaining about her poor performance in a workout the couple had performed that morning.

“She was upset,” Naselli explained. “The workout had front squats in it, and those are hard for her. In order to reach full depth, she always drops her chest in the bottom position, which makes it almost impossible for her to keep the bar in the front rack.”

Prevously, Mrs. Naselli had been upset about her inability to do pull-ups. Mr. Naselli says that he foolishly offered the suggestion that she spend more energy “working on her pull-ups.”

“I slept on the couch for a week,” he said.

But after watching a series of instructional videos from the CrossFit Journal, Naselli was confident he had identified the problem with his wife’s squat. “I was going to help her improve her mechanics, and she was going to thank me for solving her problem,” Naselli recalls. “Boy was I mistaken.”

Later that evening, Naselli says his wife returned to bemoaning her poor performance. Cautiously suggesting she try something called “squat therapy”, Naselli moved toward the wall to demonstrate. He never made it.

“He always does this,” Mrs. Naselli told the Overheard Press. “Instead of just listening to how I feel, he has to try to fix my problems.”

Mr. Naselli says that after a short but intense argument, he assumed the posture and facial expression of someone intently listening, and allowed his wife to express her feelings about her athleticism.

“I told her ‘I know this must be difficult for you,’ and ‘I’m sorry squats are hard,’ and everything was fine,” he explained. I don’t expect her squat to get any better, but at least I get to sleep in my own bed.