Athlete Hospitalized for Blood Loss After Scaling ‘Annie’ to ‘Double Under Attempts’

A CrossFit enthusiast from Texas was hospitalized after losing over 3 pints of blood last week.

Jeremy Dunlap has been attending CrossFit Obstinate for over six months, and has always passionate about improving his fitness. But last Friday, the 25-year-old bit off more than he could chew. His gym had programmed “Annie,” a classic CrossFit benchmark workout consisting of double-unders and sit-ups. Witnesses say Dunlap had only performed a handful of un-linked double-unders before, and his lack of coordination in the movement had resulted in bloody welps on his arms and legs.

Dunlap found himself too proud to scale to single-unders, and refused to perform “tuck-jumps”, which he claims were only invented to motivate athletes to learn double-unders faster. Instead, he opted to count all attempted double-unders. Witnesses described the next 30 minutes as a “blood bath.”

“I heard him before I saw him,” said first responder Kim Jones. “We entered the building and heard the sharp whir of a metal wire being swung through the air at lighting speed. He was still going. Seconds later we heard the wet crack of that wire slapping against his bloody legs.”

Though he refused to stop the workout, Dunlap became disoriented from blood loss, and first responders talked him into lying down. They quickly transferred him to a stretcher and transported him to a local hospital. He is respected to fully recover.

“Some people just need to learn lessons the hard way,” Said Warren Kolb, owner of CrossFit Obstinate. “Jeremy will be fine. I’m hopeful this means he will listen the next time I tell him to scale, but I doubt it.”