115 Pound Man Crushes Legless Rope Climb Workout

TAMPA– CrossFit enthusiast finished his gym’s workout of the day with blistering speed, dominating the rope-climb portion of the workout thanks to his below-average body size.

The legless rope climb is known to most athletes as a daunting test of upper-body strength, but the pint-sized Jerome Carter demonstrated that it was no challenge for his 115 pound frame.

Witnesses say that the 115 man climbed up the rope “like a monkey,” and left the rest of the class in the dust.

“At first I was worried that our ropes would be too thick for his little hands,” said coach Jenn Bishop. “But with his tiny, frail body dangling below him, he moved like lighting.”

Carter wasted no time in posting his score to Beyond the Whiteboard, most physical whiteboards being too high for him to reach. He spent the rest of the day gloating on social media.

Those who know Carter well say that his victories in the gym are few and far between. “We let him brag when he gets the chance,” Said one fellow gym member. “there are only so many workouts that involve nothing but bodyweight movements. If this workout had included a 135 pound deadlift, for example, it would have leveled the playing field.”

He went on to explain that with no external weight to be moved, Carter dominated. “The little fella was unstoppable,”