Man Concerned with Risk of CrossFit Injury Takes up MMA Instead

LOUISVILLE– A local man is cancelling his CrossFit membership and seeking a fitness program with lower risk.

Brad Cooper has been attending CrossFit classes for six months, and has seen positive results. But the 24-year-old isn’t letting his personal experience fool him. “I’ve seen at least three articles from respectable blogs that raised concerns about CrossFit’s safety,” Cooper explained. “I haven’t heard of anyone getting hurt in my gym since I started, but that’s just anecdotal evidence.”

Ultimately, it was an exposé by his local news station that tipped the scales for Cooper. “The story used a lot of graphics, and I found the vague implication that CrossFit was killing people to be compelling,” he recalled. “Also, my local news has no reason to exaggerate.”

Still hoping to benefit from regular exercise, Cooper decided instead to take up mixed martial arts, specifically a combination of Brazilian jujitsu and Muai Thai boxing. “It gets my heart rate up and makes me sweat, like CrossFit did, but without all the risk of injury,” Cooper explained.

“You can’t tell me that doing a bunch of weighted squats isn’t asking for an injury,” Cooper told the Overheard Press while resisting a heel hook being applied by his training partner.

“Even worse than the squats, is all the rhabdo,” Cooper continued. The interview was paused briefly after Cooper took a kick to the side of the head. When he recovered, he added, “I read somewhere that CrossFit just causes your kidneys to die. It’s science.”