Robert Mueller to Investigate Donald Trump Jr.’s 22-Minute Murph Time

WASHINGTON — Donald Trump Jr. is the eldest child of President Donald Trump, and he spent at least part of his Memorial Day performing the CrossFit Hero workout “Murph.” Trump Jr.’s self-reported time for the workout, which he revealed in a tweet yesterday afternoon, was a blistering 22 minutes. If true, this would give the 40-year-old Trump one of the fastest scores in the world. That does not sit well with many, including special counsel Robert S. Mueller III, who is launching a probe into Trump Jr.’s performance.

The special counsel, which is currently overseeing the investigation into Russia’s role in the 2016 election, announced plans to interview Trump Jr.’s trainers, and has demanded access to both his written training log and his Beyond the Whiteboard Account.

President Trump responded to the announcement by taunting Mueller’s prosecution team Monday, claiming accusations Trump Jr. used “poor range of motion” and “shaved reps” were simply an effort by democrats to get at the President.

“These are phony accusations”, the President tweeted yesterday afternoon. “The Dems just want to distract from the best economy in decades. Trump Jr. is very good at the Murph. Believe me.”

Neither Trump responded to the Overheard Press’s request for comment, but sources close to the President claim that as the war between Trump and his own Justice department continue to escalate, we can expect greater scrutiny of his son’s benchmark performances.