Heppner Tweets He Would Have Beat Mat Fraser, Deletes Tweets, Blames Ambien

CrossFit Games veteran Jacob Heppner wrote a series of tweets Sunday evening following the conclusion of the CrossFit Game Central Regional. Unlike his typical ice baths, these tweets landed him in hot water.

The 28-year-old claimed he would have bested the current Fittest on Earth, even boasting that he could have performed all 6 Regional events in a single day.

As CrossFit Games fans caught wind of his tweets, Heppner quickly deleted them. When first contacted by The Overheard Press, both Heppner and his agent declined comment. Thankfully, the Overheard Press obtained screenshots of his tweets.

When pressed for comment a second time, Heppner’s agent issued the following statement: Jacob was prescribed ambien by his doctor, as his incredibly intense training regime makes it hard for him to sleep at night. Jacob takes full responsibility for his error and hopes everyone will tune into CBS to watch him compete for the Tough Mudder X World Championship taking place on June 8th in Virginia.

While most of social media has already forgotten Heppner’s comments, a few fans are still struggling to understand what happened.

“His tweets seemed really unusual, because he’s normally such a humble guy,” Said one CrossFit Games fan. “But honestly, this is more believable than some of the other stuff people have blamed on ambien.”